7 Things to Look for When Hiring a SaaS Marketing Agency

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Many SaaS founders excel at building incredible products, but struggle with marketing. 

That’s understandable. In a way, it’s also expected. Marketing a SaaS product effectively requires unique skills, experience, and expertise

And as a founder, you’ve probably put a lot of your efforts into developing a groundbreaking product without thinking too much about how to market it afterwards.

However, without proper marketing, your SaaS product won’t reach its full potential.

SaaS marketing agencies can help you market your product effectively. 

But choosing the right agency is hard, especially now that there are so many options. It’s not just about who’s got the  flashy ads or big clients… The key is to find a partner who understands your vision and has the resources to make it a reality.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key factors you should consider when hiring a SaaS marketing agency. From evaluating their project portfolio to assessing their industry experience, we’ll give you the insider knowledge you need to get started.

1. Project Portfolios and Case Studies

When you’re looking for the perfect SaaS marketing agency, first check their project portfolio

Look at their case studies too.

Most SaaS marketing agencies have a dedicated page or blog post on their website that showcases their best work. I know we sometimes just glance over these pages. But, these pages will give you valuable insights into their experience, skills, and ability to deliver.

When looking through their portfolio, take the time to see if the SaaS marketing agency has worked with companies like yours. 

This indicates their understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within your niche. Case studies that showcase their ability to meet industry-specific challenges are major green flags.

Next, take a closer look at their successful marketing campaigns

Don’t be distracted by the pretty graphics and clever slogans that sometimes plague these pages – what you’ll want to look for is the numbers. 

Has the agency helped other SaaS companies…

  • gain users?
  • keep them?
  • make more money? 

The answers to these questions will show you the impact that the agency has had for other clients. They will also show what the agency could do for you.

If they can’t show you the receipts, it’s a good idea to look for another agency.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the diversity of their projects

A top SaaS marketing agency should handle both scrappy startups and established, notable clients. A diverse portfolio shows that they can adapt to different SaaS marketing challenges. It also shows that they have a wide range of skills.

Take Spatium Reach for example. We’ve completed 113 projects with different SaaS companies that range from email marketing to content marketing. SaaS startups and brands often reach out to us because we have extensive experience in the SaaS industry and know their audience well.

2. An Established SaaS Marketing Framework

Next on our list to look out for is a proven SaaS marketing framework. 

Nobody wants a SaaS marketing agency who just wings it. Avoid them at all costs!

To see positive results, you’ll want to partner with a team who has a proven game plan. In other words, they have a marketing framework that’s been tested and refined. 

Most of the time, this framework comes in the form of internal SOPs

If you get to talk to a marketing agency you like, ask them if they have an SOP for tasks like

  • Content creation (writing blogs, ad copies, managing content calendars, creating visual materials, etc.)
  • SaaS SEO stuff (writing and optimizing website copy, link building, performance reports, etc.)
  • Email marketing (writing newsletter content, email marketing automation, etc.)
  • Lead generation and customer acquisition efforts
  • Social media marketing (posting social media updates, announcements, audience engagement, etc.)

An agency that knows what it’s doing has an SOP even for the simplest tasks.

If they don’t have a solid framework in place, you’re better off with an agency who has one.

3. Niche Knowledge and Expertise

When it comes to SaaS marketing, don’t choose a “jack-of-all-trades”. SaaS is a unique beast with its own challenges, so specialized knowledge and expertise are required.

Think about it.

SaaS is all about recurring revenue, customer retention, and scaling growth. It’s not a one-and-done deal like traditional software sales. 

Generalist marketing agencies have a basic understanding of these concepts. However, they lack the deep, hands-on experience that comes from exclusively working with SaaS companies.

A generalist agency might make a flashy marketing campaign or a clever tagline. But, they might not know how to optimize your pricing for maximum MRR. Or, how to reduce churn by improving onboarding. 

They might not even know the latest SaaS marketing tools and platforms. Or, the unique buyer personas and customer journeys in the SaaS industry.

That’s why you need a specialist like Spatium Reach – an agency that lives and breathes SaaS marketing.

This is mainly because they’ve got industry-specific insights that generalists don’t have. They also have the technical know-how and thought leadership to take your marketing to the next level.

They also know the details of your business model, potential customers, and competitors. More importantly, they can make a marketing strategy that fits your needs and goals, whether it be better brand awareness or inbound marketing strategies.

So don’t settle for a generalist. Look for a partner who knows the SaaS industry inside out.

4. Measurable Results From Previous Campaigns

We mentioned this earlier, but we want to reiterate again: “Always look for the numbers!

At the end of the day, it’s all about the results. 

When you’re evaluating a SaaS marketing agency, you need to see the proof in the pudding. Meaning, look for an agency that can show how much they’ve succeeded in past campaigns.

While you’re at it, check if the agency tracks vital KPIs. These include Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Lifetime Value (LTV), lead generation results, and conversion rates (just to name a few). 

If they’re not keeping a close eye on these metrics, they might not be the best fit for your business. Remember, what gets measured, gets improved.

And make sure they report these numbers transparently. You don’t want surprises later.

5. Social Proof and Reviews from Past Clients

Case studies are just a part of the bigger picture. Reviews from clients complete it. With that in mind, our advice is simple: don’t skip checking testimonials. Look at ones from their present and past clients! 

Testimonials from reputable SaaS companies are huge green flags. If other SaaS founders have had great experiences, chances are you will too.

But look for recurring themes. If many clients mention the same good or bad things, that’s worth noting.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask about client retention rates. 

High retention rates are a good sign. They mean the agency delivers on its promises and keeps clients happy for a long time. These long-term relationships strongly indicate that their clients are satisfied with the value they provide.

6. The Team’s Competence and Experience

When you hire a SaaS marketing agency, you’re not just buying a service – you’re partnering with a team. It’s true.

If possible, try to know about the qualifications and experience of the team members who will work on your account. Look for certifications, previous roles at successful SaaS companies, and specialized skills that align with your needs.

Next, try to find out if the agency has a collaborative approach. They should be able to integrate with your in-house team and existing workflows. Look for an agency that values communication and has a process for ensuring everyone’s on the same page.

Finally, check if their team is committed to continual learning. Trends change fast and your marketing agency needs to keep up. 

Participation in industry conferences, workshops, webinars, podcasts, and continuous education programs is a good sign that they’re staying on top.

7. Dedicated Support and Account Manager

I don’t see this mentioned by others, but this one’s really important to have.

I’m sure no company wants to be a mere number in a stats report. That’s why it’s important to know beforehand how a SaaS marketing agency treats their clients.

If they have a dedicated account manager who will work with you after you sign up, then they care about your business and have your best interests at heart. 

The account manager will then be your go-to person. They can help with all questions, concerns, and updates about your marketing campaigns. 

You should be able to get help when you need it, whether that’s through regular check-ins, email, or phone. 

Trust me, you won’t want to be left in the dark when you have a pressing question or issue about their marketing efforts.


Choosing the right SaaS marketing agency is an important decision that can make or break your SaaS business.

By evaluating project portfolios and established frameworks, as well as niche expertise, you can find a partner who understands your industry and can help drive your business forward.

So, remember to take the time to vet potential agencies and learn about their marketing strategy. Then focus on those that offer tailored solutions and have a proven track record.

If you want a SaaS marketing agency with both of these qualities, then contact Spatium Reach to book a FREE 30-minute consultation call. We’re excited to tell you more about how we can help your SaaS business reach the stars.

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